We are London’s startup experts; connecting & energising a world-class entrepreneurship ecosystem. 








We are London’s start-up experts; connecting and energising a world-class entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Capital Enterprise is a body of connectors, influencers, investors and policy-makers, collaborating to serve and super-charge London’s start-up scene. Together we are committed to making London the best place in Europe to start and scale a business.

For our start-ups this means we plug you into an ecosystem where your ideas can thrive and your business can grow.

For our members this means we unite the major enterprise players to deliver prosperity, share knowledge and influence policy.

For our stakeholders this means we leverage the power of London’s enterprise community for the good of the capital.

Capital Enterprise is a key part of London’s vibrant tech community. They support accelerators through CAP and now through CASTs. Their work through the London Co-Investment Fund augments the investment capability of a number of seed VCs. The Green Light programme supports early stage companies in preparedness for raising funds. This huge range of activities gives Capital Enterprise a unique position in the ecosystem – visibility and access to a vast number of startups as well as strong relationships with the investment community.

The broad member base of Capital Enterprise exists nowhere else. Techstars London has an excellent working relationship with Capital Enterprise and wholly endorses their work.

Max Kelly, Managing Director | Techstars

Capital Enterprise does more than any other organisation in London to network and strengthen London’s start-up ecosystem. They provide an effective bridge between the public, private and third sector organisations, fostering understanding and collaboration to strengthen business support and job growth in the capital.

They are also a great source of innovation, helping their membership to pioneer new approaches to accelerator, finance, and workspace provision in recent years.

Matthew Blades, Business & Inward Investment Delivery Lead | London Borough of Lambeth


Membership of Capital Enterprise has created effective connections between our enterprise support teams and complementary organisations who have different skills and strengths to those our University brings to London’s growing businesses.  It is this strength in diversity that makes CE so useful – by enabling us to collaborate and try out new initiatives together we are able to be stronger, and faster!

Dr Karen Shaw, Director Research & Enterprise | City University of London

Capital Enterprise delivers targeted access to a network that holds knowledge on everything from investment to hiring strategy to the who’s who of the scene. By making this network more accessible, Capital Enterprise makes the daunting task of a new founder far more manageable and, in short, gives more start ups a fighting chance to become thriving UK businesses.

Kweku Ackom-Mensah, Partnership Manager | GrantTree


Having represented university and private sector members of Capital Enterprise for more than seven years, I am a genuine advocate for their work and expertise. Capital Enterprise acts as a an enabling hub, bringing together all aspects of the business support community, helping them to work together to plug gaps in service provision and enabling collaboration between members to maximise the growth in jobs and income of the small firms we all work with. Their programmes are well defined and they understand how to form activities that meet the needs of funders, service providers and the companies that are the end beneficiaries.

Tim Barnes | The Rain Gods

Capital Enterprise acts as a dynamic catalyst for developing the innovation ecosystem and linking the talent pipeline and research in universities more effectively to the investment community. CE’s new FFWD Pre-Accelerator Programme is proof of its capacities to work closely with the university sector to grow new businesses as well as to enhance shared understanding about how to support and develop innovators.

Gillian Youngs, Prof. Creative and Digital Economy, Head of Innovation and Impact | University of Westminster