Capital Accelerate & Scale Tech Superstars (CASTS) aims to create a pathway, unique in the UK, where ambitious and able tech start-ups receive the support to build up their team, management and leadership capacity, develop and test their world class technology/product, achieve good market traction, raise seed investment and prove their businesses model (how they make money) is both repeatable and scalable. CASTS is part funded through the European Regional Development Fund.

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The London Co-Investment Fund is founded and managed by Funding London and Capital Enterprise. It has raised £25m from the Mayor of London’s Growing Places Fund to co-invest in seed rounds between £250,000- £1,000,000, led by our selected co-investment partners.

We are looking to invest in high growth tech, science and digital startups in London. Could that be you?


Capital List

A support service and platform that finds and then selects some of the best innovative, scalable and fast moving start-ups in London and then showcases and connects them to London’s leading investors, advisers and accelerator programmes. Capital Lists mission is to connect and grow London’s startup ecosystem. Capital List is founded by Capital Enterprise


AI Seed Fund