Thanks for an EPIC EFFORT. I’m taking a break….

I'm going to be taking a break for a couple of weeks from the end of today after what has been the busiest and one of the most challenging periods of my career to date. I can safely say I have never worked harder but it's great to look back and reflect upon some of...

One Step Beyond the Future Fund

The UK Government is looking for new ideas that will stimulate investment and growth in the UK economy as we come out of a COVID 19 induced lockdown. Big ideas that will also address some of the structural problems that face the UK especially in regards to boosting...

Introduction to R&D Tax Credits

Introduction Hari Sandhu is CEO of R&D tax credit advisors EmpowerRD. He is also a member of HMRC’s Consultative Committee advising the government on changes to the R&D tax credit scheme. Before founding EmpoweRD, Hari was sector lead for government incentives...

Workspaces and COVID-19: Changing the Way We Work

There’s no doubt that the workspace sector has been, and will continue to be, affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Through chatting to workspaces both on the workspace accreditation pilot and in the wider community, we’ve seen how workspaces of all sizes are facing a...

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