CAP Talent, led by Capital Enterprise, filters and matches talented young people into paid summer internships with tech startups and SMEs.


By connecting London’s students with new and alternative employment opportunities in the digital and tech space, CAP Talent:

  • Fosters a demand-led workforce
  • Seeks to diversify the talent pool and future recruitment pipeline for startup businesses
  • Fosters competition, inclusion and productivity in the entrepreneurship ecosystem


  • Internships last for 8-12 weeks over the summer and cover a range of technology based or marketing roles.


* CAP Talent helped tech startups create new products:
Grzegorz led the development and build of a new product for Fuzed Innovations.
“Grzegorz’s contribution has been significant for the company” Chikara Ono, Co-Founder of Fuzed Innovations Ltd

“For little investment we got to do some R&D with our interns which helped us develop a new product” Orla Shields, CEO and Co-Founder at Getrentr


* CAP Talent aids startups with their recruitment and talent pipeline:
Nathan’s internship placement at MeVitae was extended for an extra month.
“Nathan has been a fantastic asset. The programme is definitely valuable” Riham Satti, Co-Founder and CEO of MeVitae


* CAP Talent enables interns to make a tangible impact:
“Working in a startup makes you feel like an integral and important part of the company’s development” Nathan Lamplough, intern at MeVitae


Startups – Let’s help you find your talent!

If you’re a startup looking to hire top local talent, pay it forward and build out your tech or team, follow the link below to get involved!

We will then be in touch with the next steps for hiring your perfect candidate.

Deadline to get involved: Friday 14th June 2019



Students – Find your perfect internship!

Looking to convert knowledge from studies into skills in the workplace? Want to increase potential future employment opportunities? Do you want to make valuable connections and build networks?

If you’re a student looking to work with a tech startup this summer, please fill out the form below to start finding your perfect internship.

The application deadline for students has now passed, but any new registrations will be checked periodically.


When you sign up to our internship programme, we may collect the following data: Name, email address, phone number, demographic information, borough of residency and CV details. We use this data to identify relevant internship opportunities, and to analyse and provide application data to our programmes. You can find out more about how your data is used and retained via our privacy policy.


We are delighted to announce a partnership with the City of London Corporation to expand the CAP Talent programme reach and opportunities for both London’s students and tech startups for 2019. 

We would like to thank the City of London Corporation for the generous support in maintaining London’s competitive advantage in the tech sector.

More information about the partnership can be found here.