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CAP Talent Internship Vacancies


Cerebriam are a media technology company leveraging AI to build intelligent video recording technology for prosumers working in education, and marketing. They are committed to engineering a product which enables non-technical people to create quality video content with the greatest of ease.

Featuring automatic presenter tracking, a Bluetooth enabled microphone, and intuitive user interface, our technology – the Opticorder – makes recording quality audio and video incredibly simple.

Cerebriam are looking for a Masters level student to join them as a Software Engineer.



Transformative think a revolution in healthcare is coming.

By using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and novel analysis techniques employed at CERN, we are transforming the treatment of serious medical conditions. Our mission is to collect and translate clinical data into real-time, predictive assessments that guide the actions of patients and healthcare providers.

We’re backed by Europe’s top accelerator, Entrepreneur First, which specialises in building deep technology companies, and have links to Cambridge University.

Transformative are looking for a Data Scientist Intern.




FLYT is on a mission to change the way the world travels (vertically). We are a small team who are passionate about helicopters and sharing the benefits of helicopter travel with others. With exceptional technology and aviation experience we are building an online platform that allows passengers to book helicopters easily.

FLYT are looking for developers, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, to help design, manage and assist in building their web based platform.



Auris Tech

Auris Tech is a London and Edinburgh based startup that is pioneering automatic speech recognition (ASR) for children and building a market-leading ASR engine for reading.

We have been developing our cutting-edge ASR engine in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh School of Informatics and have achieved a world-class level of recognition accuracy.

As we finalize our product for launch this summer we are seeking to fill one or more of these positions to support our next steps in development and growth. The roles available are application designer, digital solutions designer, and a game designer.




GridDuck has created a wireless cloud-based energy efficiency and flexibility solution, with a dashboard, a RESTful API and a portfolio of wireless relays, controllers and sensors (bought in from 3rd party manufacturers).

Energy suppliers, consultants, facility managers and demand response aggregators can analyse and automate their client’s consumption at the individual appliance level. This is invaluable for energy efficiency and energy flexibility schemes, such as time of use tariffs, local consumption balancing and implementing demand response.

Project: Helping us creating ‘virtual assets’, pools of similar appliances (e.g. 20 fridges or 20 air con units).


own-kind are an online platform for women who love fashion and travel.

They are looking for a full stack developer to help them build a digital suitcase for their audience.


CHAINCUBED is a UK based firm with a plan and aspiration to become a global Blockchain incubation business within coming 24 months. We are a cross-industry incubator advancing business blockchain value by swiftly bringing together the best ideas, talent, resources and financing through a portfolio platform approach. We are the disruptive incubator company that advises and creates, and quickly scales successful digital businesses.

ChainCubed are looking for a Software Developer Intern



ARROE creates technology that allows clothing, bags and footwear to harness and store energy to power personal devices, wearables and smart clothing. A new charging ecosystem all managed from the ARROE app.

Our first product is a complete charging solution, imagine all your chargers, adapters and power banks rolled into one compact device made for travel and working on the go, specifically designed to be used in luggage and bags


Arroe are looking for an app developer.


NomNom is a B2B Saas application that helps customer-obsessed professionals learn from their customers faster. We aggregate customer feedback from different sources, making it easy to search, analyze and share it across the business.

Our team is small and distributed, and our culture is driven by talented individuals who love perfecting their craft. We like scrappy hustlers who are excited about solving hard problems with practical solutions.
About you

We’re looking for an engineering intern to join our team and help us deliver real-world projects.

Adia Health

Adia is a digital obstetrics clinic in your pocket. We are developing the most trusted and unbiased advisor for women and their partners’ fertility and pregnancy journey.
We provide easy, affordable on-demand access to medical and mental health services. Users can order diagnostic tests, speak with medical professionals and access or purchase products and services such as vitamins, acupuncture and mindfulness meditations personalised to their needs.

We are working with leading experts and researchers at Imperial College London, NHS England and the Mental Health Foundation to bring the latest science based interventions to improve outcomes.

Adia are looking for a Full Stack Developer intern.


Antiverse is building a world-first computational antibody drug discovery platform to predict antibody-antigen binding and provide antibody drug candidates in one day.

A combination of state of the art machine learning and cell-free protein synthesis is used to predict antibodies that bind to a given antigen target with high affinity. The resulting software can then take antigen taget sequence, provided by the customer, and do a high-throughput screening of all possibilities of antibody sequences to detect the sequence that will produce a high-affinity antibody for the target.

Antiverse are looking for a machine learning engineer intern.


Kipwise help users easily create and access saved team knowledge, meaning people can spend less time on organizing and finding information, and more time on the actual work.

The Kipwise team includes two engineering founders together with a business founder that “Move Fast” is in our blood. Our team has international experience working with companies from Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Kipwise is looking for an engineering summer intern to help us improve the product and make team knowledge management more efficient for teams to grow faster.

Hello Lamp Post

Hello Lamp Post is a playful, human-centric engagement platform, inviting people to strike up conversations with familiar street furniture and city infrastructure through their mobile devices.

The future of user interaction in the ever evolving ‘internet of things’ will be a world where artefacts and the physical environment are connected to the network. Hello Lamp Post is the first step towards this.

Hello Lamp Post are looking for an intern to work on Natural Language Processing, text-to-speech/speech-to-text and the potential to prototype our platform within hardware.

Perspectively AI

We are a backed venture wanting to build an R&D function to look into the verification of online news content.

We are looking for natural language processing engineers, or machine learning research scientists to start an R&D function to build machine learning capabilities to detect disinformation, quality, and other socio-political metrics.

This is a full-time vacancy and an opportunity to be part of a founding team.

Pesky Fish

At Pesky, we are enabling British fishermen to sell their catch directly to consumers in the fastest, freshest and most transparent supply chain in the country!

Our ultimate ambition is to create the first blockchain-enabled exchange for boats across the world to sell their catch – creating a better and more sustainable industry for fish, fishermen and consumers.

We are looking for someone who can help develop the data set that will inform our analytical and projection capabilities (fish landings, prices, environmental, etc) as well as the information on our customer interface. There will also be the opportunity to regularly travel to the coast…

Flawless App

Flawless App is a tool for iOS developers to compare expected design with the real app on the simulator.

They are looking for an iOS and macOS trainee developer to join the team.

The intern will be supported by mentorship from senior iOS & macOS & Android engineers, involvement in all startup process and communication with the end users.