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CAP Talent Internship Vacancies


Cerebriam are a media technology company leveraging AI to build intelligent video recording technology for prosumers working in education, and marketing. They are committed to engineering a product which enables non-technical people to create quality video content with the greatest of ease.

Featuring automatic presenter tracking, a Bluetooth enabled microphone, and intuitive user interface, our technology – the Opticorder – makes recording quality audio and video incredibly simple.

Cerebriam are looking for a Masters level student to join them as a Software Engineer.


Fuzed Innovations

FUZED create an automated platform to connect businesses providing and consuming location-oriented-information.

Their API based technology (i.e. FUZED Location Intelligence) covers 3 key types of location data (Details, Actions, and Transit) from more than 20 providers, offers a single integration for tens of providers so that businesses don’t have to spend time and resources on changing or adding data providers anymore, and provides hyper-relevant products based on locations (e.g. a Booking.com link to a hotel, an OpenTable link to a restaurant).

FUZED are looking for a back-end developer and a web developer intern.




CountOpen’s first goal is to level the playing field in the understanding of data: They see the value that some people derive by interrogating data to provide a basis for their own, fact based, decisions; but also see the barrier of expertise put up by overly complex and technical products which deny others access to that value.

They want to break this cycle by making software which, through innovative technology and design, allows everyone to interact with data no matter what their ability.

CountOpen are looking for an intern to work on contextualised synonyms and similarity for Natural Language querying of databases



Hyperion Development

Hyperion is recognised as one of the top education technology startups in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Founded by ex Googlers and graduates of the University of Cambridge, Hyperion was funded by Facebook and Google in 2017 – winning first prize in Facebook’s Africa Innovation Challenge Award.

Hyperion was founded with an ambition to scale human-led education in programming. They have built an online course platform that allows human code review to be scaled, applying this methodology to help thousands of students from over 30 countries learn how to code in a novel way.

Hyperion are looking for an intern to work on back-end development.




FLYT is on a mission to change the way the world travels (vertically). We are a small team who are passionate about helicopters and sharing the benefits of helicopter travel with others. With exceptional technology and aviation experience we are building an online platform that allows passengers to book helicopters easily.

FLYT are looking for developers, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, to help design, manage and assist in building their web based platform.



Auris Tech

Auris Tech is a London and Edinburgh based startup that is pioneering automatic speech recognition (ASR) for children and building a market-leading ASR engine for reading.

We have been developing our cutting-edge ASR engine in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh School of Informatics and have achieved a world-class level of recognition accuracy.

As we finalize our product for launch this summer we are seeking to fill one or more of these positions to support our next steps in development and growth. The roles available are application designer, digital solutions designer, and a game designer.



Context Scout

 Context Scout is building a web browser that helps you browse the web. With Context Scout, the web browser is transformed into a dynamic interface to information that adapts to your ongoing task, searches for information on your behalf and connects you to your favourite apps.
Context Scout’s MVP is being used by beta testers in over 100 companies worldwide and is backed by top investors in the UK and US. The research behind the tech originated in UCL and has been developed for over 6 years before the company was founded at Entrepreneur First 2 years ago.
Context scout are looking for an intern to work on applying statistical modelling to web browsing behaviour data



MeVitae is on a mission to enhancing human intelligence by compensating on our brain’s limitations.  The first application of the technology is focusing on leveraging data-driven cognitive solutions to solve the world’s biggest employment challenges, from increasing workplace diversity to global mobility.

Founded by two award-winning Oxonians, Riham Satti (Neuroscientist and TEDx Speaker) and Vivek Doraiswamy (Computer Scientist). The board includes co-founder of Shazam, Microsoft Director and more. In addition to this, MeVitae is supported by the likes of the European Space Agency, Innovate UK and more.

They are seeking an algorithm developer



9fin are creating AI-powered financial data for the bond markets.

We use machine learning and computer vision to read financial documents. We’re currently looking for a Python Engineer to help build robust and high performance systems.

We’re VC backed and have just been accepted into Google’s first ever Machine Learning and AI residency programme. That means we have access to great mentorship and support from true world leaders in this field. https://twitter.com/CampusLondon/status/904623123064086528

9fin are looking for an intern to work on frontend engineering.


myrecovery is a digital platform for orthopaedic surgical recovery, founded by two UK surgeons, and backed by substantial venture capital. Patients get a mobile app that delivers them timed content specific to their hospital, surgeon and procedure. The app gathers clinical data (including surveys, exercise routine performance, device activity data) and our backend applies data science to deliver clinical insights to care teams.

myrecovery are looking for a Data Science intern.


GridDuck has created a wireless cloud-based energy efficiency and flexibility solution, with a dashboard, a RESTful API and a portfolio of wireless relays, controllers and sensors (bought in from 3rd party manufacturers).

Energy suppliers, consultants, facility managers and demand response aggregators can analyse and automate their client’s consumption at the individual appliance level. This is invaluable for energy efficiency and energy flexibility schemes, such as time of use tariffs, local consumption balancing and implementing demand response.

Project: Helping us creating ‘virtual assets’, pools of similar appliances (e.g. 20 fridges or 20 air con units).


Motilent is a medical imaging analysis company that specialises in objective evaluation of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) data. Motilent is unusual in its space because it tackles relatively underserved disease areas like digestive health (specifically Crohn’s Disease) that cost the NHS huge amounts of money through indecision in how patients are managed.

We are currently in the process of taking our first CE marked medical device (GIQuant®) to market and are now looking to begin work on our web-based platform. We have a number of key areas suitable for interns.

Motilent are looking for a Software Engineer intern.

Number Eight

We are a VC/angel backed early stage startup developing novel on-device artificial intelligence software to predict user context by leveraging sensors in mobile devices. It’s very difficult – memory constraints, battery constraints, privacy concerns and more. But why is this important and what are the benefits? Check this out: https://spectrum.ieee.org/tech-talk/telecom/wireless/smartphones-will-get-even-smarter-with-ondevice-machine-learning. We are a fun-loving group and like to work hard and play hard.
As a machine learning intern, you will be researching new insights that can be hypothesized from smartphone sensor data according to our artificial intelligence models.



GetRentr is a data-driven prop-tech platform and our mission is to use data and tech to improve rental property standards and to expose rogue landlords so that no tenant has to live in substandard accommodation again. We aggregate and map lots of different data sets into wonderful products to make this happen.
If you want to make a difference, circumventing traditional processes, and get creative with your technical skills, then we’re the company for you!
Getrentr are looking for a software developer intern



own-kind are an online platform for women who love fashion and travel.

They are looking for a full stack developer to help them build a digital suitcase for their audience.

District Tech

District Technologies is a young startup based in London, which has already been recognised as one of the rising stars of smart cities / property tech. We provide Real Estate players with SaaS to upgrade their buildings to be ready for the smart city revolution. Our founding team has a strong track record in real estate, technology, and scaling digital products (coming from places like Uber, WeWork, The Crown Estate, Interchange and BCG Digital Ventures).

We are a team of passionate technologists, entrepreneurs, strategists and growth hackers. We’ve come from some of the most important and disruptive businesses in the world such as Uber, WeWork, Boston Consulting Group and Rocket Internet. We have a track record in real estate founding co-working spaces like Interchange in London, and advising major players such as the Crown Estate.

District Tech are looking for an intern to help build the SaaS business.


CHAINCUBED is a UK based firm with a plan and aspiration to become a global Blockchain incubation business within coming 24 months. We are a cross-industry incubator advancing business blockchain value by swiftly bringing together the best ideas, talent, resources and financing through a portfolio platform approach. We are the disruptive incubator company that advises and creates, and quickly scales successful digital businesses.

ChainCubed are looking for a Software Developer Intern



ARROE creates technology that allows clothing, bags and footwear to harness and store energy to power personal devices, wearables and smart clothing. A new charging ecosystem all managed from the ARROE app.

Our first product is a complete charging solution, imagine all your chargers, adapters and power banks rolled into one compact device made for travel and working on the go, specifically designed to be used in luggage and bags


Arroe are looking for a website developer and an app developer

More internship roles coming soon…