Startup Vacancies from our Network


Recruiting for: MRC Modeling R&D and NLP

42Maru builds the Deep QA(Question Answering) system that finds a single, specific, correct answer based on deep learning

They are currently recruiting for MRC Modeling R&D and NLP positions. Graduates are encouraged to apply for the placement.


Recruiting for: Junior Software Developer

GetRentr is on a mission to leverage tech and data to revolutionise the UK residential property sector, with their platform used by some of the biggest names in the property market.

They are currently recruiting for a Junior Software Developer.

Perspectively AI

Recruiting for: Natural Language Processing Engineer / Machine Learning Research Scientist

We are a backed venture wanting to build an R&D function to look into the verification of online news content.

We are looking for natural language processing engineers, or machine learning research scientists to start an R&D function to build machine learning capabilities to detect disinformation, quality, and other socio-political metrics.


Internship: Software Engineer

Cerebriam are a media technology company leveraging AI to build intelligent video recording technology for prosumers working in education, and marketing. They are committed to engineering a product which enables non-technical people to create quality video content with the greatest of ease.

Cerebriam are looking for a Masters level student to join them as a Software Engineer.


Internship: Building a web-based platform

FLYT is on a mission to change the way the world travels (vertically). We are a small team who are passionate about helicopters and sharing the benefits of helicopter travel with others. With exceptional technology and aviation experience we are building an online platform that allows passengers to book helicopters easily.

FLYT are looking for developers, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, to help design, manage and assist in building their web based platform.

Grid Duck

Internship: Project – Building ‘Virtual Assets’

GridDuck has created a wireless cloud-based energy efficiency and flexibility solution. Energy suppliers, consultants, facility managers and demand response aggregators can analyse and automate their client’s consumption at the individual appliance level. This is invaluable for energy efficiency and energy flexibility schemes, such as time of use tariffs, local consumption balancing and implementing demand response.

Internship project: Creating ‘virtual assets’, pools of similar appliances (e.g. 20 fridges or 20 air con units).


Internship: Software Developer

CHAINCUBED is a UK based firm with a plan and aspiration to become a global Blockchain incubation business within coming 24 months. We are a cross-industry incubator advancing business blockchain value by swiftly bringing together the best ideas, talent, resources and financing through a portfolio platform approach.

Chaincubed are looking for a Software Developer.


Internship: App Developer

ARROE creates technology that allows clothing, bags and footwear to harness and store energy to power personal devices, wearables and smart clothing. A new charging ecosystem all managed from the ARROE app.

Arroe are looking for an app developer.

Nom Nom

Internship: Engineering Intern

NomNom is a B2B Saas application that helps customer-obsessed professionals learn from their customers faster. We aggregate customer feedback from different sources, making it easy to search, analyze and share it across the business.

They are looking for an engineering intern to join the team and help deliver real-world projects.

Adia Health

Internship: Full Stack Developer

Adia is a digital obstetrics clinic in your pocket. We are developing the most trusted and unbiased advisor for women and their partners’ fertility and pregnancy journey. We provide easy, affordable on-demand access to medical and mental health services.

We are working with leading experts and researchers at Imperial College London, NHS England and the Mental Health Foundation to bring the latest science based interventions to improve outcomes.

Adia are looking for a Full Stack Developer intern.


Internship: Machine Learning Engineer

Antiverse is building a world-first computational antibody drug discovery platform to predict antibody-antigen binding and provide antibody drug candidates in one day.

Antiverse are looking for a machine learning engineer intern.

Hello Lamp Post

Internship: Natural Language Processing

Hello Lamp Post is a playful, human-centric engagement platform, inviting people to strike up conversations with familiar street furniture and city infrastructure through their mobile devices.

Hello Lamp Post are looking for an intern to work on Natural Language Processing, text-to-speech/speech-to-text and the potential to prototype our platform within hardware.


Internship: Data Set Development

At Pesky, we are enabling British fishermen to sell their catch directly to consumers in the fastest, freshest and most transparent supply chain in the country!

We are looking for someone who can help develop the data set that will inform our analytical and projection capabilities (fish landings, prices, environmental, etc) as well as the information on our customer interface. There will also be the opportunity to regularly travel to the coast…

Flawless App

Internship: iOS and macOS Trainee Developer

Flawless App is a tool for iOS developers to compare expected design with the real app on the simulator.

They are looking for an iOS and macOS trainee developer to join the team.

The intern will be supported by mentorship from senior iOS & macOS & Android engineers, involvement in all startup process and communication with the end users.


Internship: Data Entry 

infloAI is a content curation platform that uses cutting edge machine learning techniques to change the way businesses find and publish engaging content. They have recently been nominated as one of the top 50 emerging UK innovations.

They are looking for a data entry candidate: someone to use our custom tools to scrape the web to extract data from various sources.


Internship: Artificial Intelligence intern

Cortirio is a medical technology company developing portable medical imaging. The company’s lead product, Vascascope, will be a portable, wearable headband that will be able to detect and monitor intracranial bleeding at the point of care.

They are looking for a candidate to assist with the development and training of an AI imaging processor upon real and simulated datasets.


Internship: Traveller’s Experience Coordinator

Do you have a passion for travel? Do you believe that apart from seeing the top tourist sites,  travellers also want to discover places not many tourists know about and which make the city unique?

CityUnscripted are looking for a bright and motivated  person to join their team based in central London in this exciting adventure!

The right candidate will become a point of reference for the CityUnscripted team to  coordinate the network of Local Hosts in 35+ cities worldwide.