Job Role: Device and Lab Manager (CAP-AI)

Location: IdeaLondon, 69 Wilson Street, London, EC2A 2BB

This role is part-funded by the ERDF.

Capital Enterprise

Capital Enterprise is the membership organisation for providers of enterprise support services in London. Capital Enterprise’s prime mission is to support its members to individually and collectively acquire the means and expertise to better support their clients – London’s Entrepreneurs.

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CAP-AI  Programme Summary

The overall aim of the CAP-AI project is to help AI and Machine Learning SMEs to access the technical expertise, data and computation power, knowledge and innovation they need to survive and grow. There are 2 interlinked areas of activity:

  • Knowledge exchange brokerage to enable SMEs to tap into specialist AI and Machine Learning knowledge, research and talent coming out of London’s universities;
  • Innovation brokerage to enable SMEs to access high performance computing power through a Machine Learning Computation Lab and other resources and to engage in innovation activity bringing together corporates, industry, academics and SMEs.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Manage all programs and resources related to our Device lab.
  • Evaluate applicability of new technologies for inclusion into the device lab.
  • Define, implement and maintain device lab usage processes.
  • Assist in maintaining budgets, reports, and usage statistics.
  • To be responsible for the efficient day-to-day management of all Device lab activities, whilst simultaneously planning for future developments.
  • Liaise closely with Startups and any other linked facilities management system companies to ensure appropriate access of trained users to the Device Lab; to ensure a fully operational and integrated door and lab space management system to capture trained user and utilisation data.
  • To ensure the health and safety of workshop spaces through the implementation of safe working practices.
  • Be responsible of the maintenance of the equipment and ensure that inventory of materials and parts are up to date and available to Device Lab users; manage the upgrade process.
  • Maintain an accurate and complete registrar of individuals who have access to the lab;
    maintain a lab usage system that tracks who is using the lab as well as keep a working knowledge of who is the lab at any given point in time; maintain an accurate, complete and up to day inventory of all equipment and devices inside of the lab.
  • Manage training programmes, access & supplies to the lab.
  • Manage maintenance contracts, maintenance routines and maintenance best practices for all equipment.
  • Develop the visibility of the Device Lab both online and offline.
  • Develop projects with partner organisations and third parties
  • Manage or run the training process for users of the equipment in the lab and obtain signed agreements that users have received equipment training; ensure in writing from users that they will not allow unauthorised access to other non-trained users and not engage in any inappropriate behaviour or mis-use of the lab or its equipment; that all safety precautions will have been undertaken by the user
  • To ensure that the lab is not under any circumstances used by under 18-year olds and that ID has been provided where necessary
  • Support CAP-AI SMEs to develop prototypes for hardware to house AI applications
  • Encourage ML/AI SMEs to develop hardware technologies to augment data collection
  • Oversee the automation of the device lab for the purposes of data collection/analysis of script testing
  • Seek out additional opportunities for ML/AI companies to make use of the lab resources


  • The Device Lab Manager will be required to present a monthly report of usage to show progress on the objectives set
  • The Device Lab Manager will define his/her own performance indicators responding to priorities identified


  • Knowledge & interest in Health and safety around 3D printing labs
  • Highly numerate and analytical
  • Exceptional and proven writing and communication skills
  • Take charge and deliver on your own; be proactive and independent


  • Interest in start-ups
  • Experience in supporting innovation focused businesses

Salary will be £17-20k depending on experience
Salary will be paid in monthly instalments

Appointments are subject to receipt of satisfactory references and a probationary period of 9 months.

Annual leave is 20 working days for a full-time member of staff in addition to Bank Holidays per year 

How to Apply
To apply for the vacancy send a CV and a cover letter to

The closing date for applications is the Thursday 1st March 2018