COVID-19 Response

We’ve collated a number of initiatives and responses to the Covid-19 crisis below. Everything from Investment, Business Support, Content and services that will help startups and businesses navigate this challenging time. Feel free to submit any you’ve come across via the form below.

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Mayor’s Back to Business Fund

The Mayor’s £1m Back to Business Fund will offer up to £5,000 in match funding to small and independent businesses through the Pay It Forward London crowdfunding platform.  Through the Back to Business Fund, businesses will get financial help to expand their operation...

One Step Beyond the Future Fund

The UK Government is looking for new ideas that will stimulate investment and growth in the UK economy as we come out of a COVID 19 induced lockdown. Big ideas that will also address some of the structural problems that face the UK especially in regards to boosting...

Workspaces and COVID-19: Changing the Way We Work

There’s no doubt that the workspace sector has been, and will continue to be, affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Through chatting to workspaces both on the workspace accreditation pilot and in the wider community, we’ve seen how workspaces of all sizes are facing a...

Ending Homelessness: Innovation Challenge

We are excited to announce we are working with The Collective Foundation, as a partner on their Innovation Challenge.  The Innovation Challenge is an online programme that aims to bring ideas to life that address critical social issues heightened by the COVID-19...


After the announcement of the Government support for startups earlier this week, we wanted to explain a little more about what the next steps on this package of support will be, and how you can input. First, as you will likely have seen the Government’s £1.25bn...

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