As London’s startup experts, we at Capital Enterprise are very proud of the support we’ve offered over the past 10 years – and the support we continue to offer – to early stage companies across the capital and beyond. In this monthly segment, we highlight the stories of some of the companies who have benefitted from our support in many ways over the past few years. 

Startup Story: Count

This month we spoke to Ollie Hughes, CEO of Count. Count is “on a mission to improve how teams work with data”. They’ve built the first data platform designed to not just provide numbers, but integrates them with all the elements teams need to make confident,...

Startup Story: Hazy

Hazy is an AI based fintech company that generates smart synthetic data that’s safe to use, and works as a drop in replacement for real data science and analytics workloads. Since 2017, Harry and his team have been through several Capital Enterprise programmes,...

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